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Karen's Keepers

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ringing in the New ear!

I wrote this blog about 3 weeks ago - but never got it posted . Better late than never!?

Well, Happy New Year!! 2015 - - it seems like just yesterday it was the new year 2000 and it was such a big deal. It’s hard to believe that was 15 years ago. I filled up my car with gas a few days ago - and paid only $1.81 per gallon!  I heard on the radio today that the Dow Jones was down over 300 points - a lot because of gas prices.

We had a great Christmas. Four of my kids, 2 of their spouses, and 3 grandchildren were able to join us, and we got to talk to Jesse and his wife, Amanda, in Texas through Google Hang-out that evening. Randy and I got new granite countertops in our kitchen and new carpeting in our family room - these were our gifts to each other for Christmas. 

For New Years Eve we were in bed by 10pm! We’re getting too old to stay up until midnight, and I figure the new year will come no matter what. :) I fell asleep quickly, so I didn’t hear all the fireworks but Randy said he heard a lot of them at midnight. On New Year’s day we went to the new movie “The Hobbit” and then to Tepanyaki for dinner. Another couple from our ward, the Tharps, ended up sitting next to us at the table, so that was fun.
I started online classes to get my Real Estate license today. I work for a house appraiser, so she should be able to answer any questions that I can’t figure out. A person is allowed to get a license in 3 ½ weeks at the fastest, or take a year at the longest. I’m hoping to be done with it in a couple of months. So, I’ll be pretty busy for the next 2 months. Then I will have to spend more money to be affiliated with the Utah Board of Realtors and at least one other thing I have to pay for - can’t remember?! :( So, by the end of February or beginning of March I hope to be able to list this house, sell it, and buy a smaller one. Then, I hope to buy 2-3 houses a year, fix them up, and resell them. I won’t be trying to “take” anyone - I just really enjoy making things better. (Now I'm half-way through!!)

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