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Karen's Keepers

Sunday, June 22, 2014

35th Anniversary Weekend

It’s been a long time since I have posted! Randy and I got to get away for a few days to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary, so I thought I’d share a few pictures from our adventures.

Thursday morning we went to the new Living Planet Aquarium.
It was very similar to the old museum, except bigger. There were quite a few displays that looked like they might have had something there before but were empty, and even more where there was space for future displays.  We didn’t go into the movie ($4 extra per person) and there was now a space for parties, etc. A lot of schools were there. Anyway, we thought the higher price ($16 per person) was a bit much and although it’s nice to see once, we probably won’t go there again.

We then drove up to the Bountiful temple and ate lunch in their cafeteria before doing an endowment session. It was a beautiful temple, although it was up on the hill and I would hate to drive up there with snow on the road! It was a wonderful experience, though.
Bountiful Temple

Then we drove to Logan and checked into our hotel, the Crystal Inn.

There was a HuHot Mongolian restaurant just up the street, so we ate dinner there. We hadn’t eaten at one since we lived in Topeka, so it was kind of fun.

Lastly we attended the Old Lyric Reperatory Theatre to see the play “Tons of Money”. This is a farce where a husband and wife are in terrible debt, he stands to inherit a lot of money, they fake his death so that the money won’t all go toward debt, etc. It was pretty funny.

Friday morning we ate breakfast at the hotel - they have a complimentary breakfast that was really good - eggs, omelets, sausage, bacon, waffles, toast, bagels, muffins, cereal, fruit, juice, etc.  Then we attended the Logan Temple and did another endowment session. It was also very nice, but I was surprised at how small the Celestial Room was for such a big temple. The inside has obviously been modified since it was built, so the Celestial Room might have been bigger before.
Logan Temple

We ate lunch and headed up to Bear Lake. It’s about a one hour drive up Logan Canyon. We passed the lodge that we stayed at with Tyler and Dylan a few years back with the horses for riding, and I was surprised that the lake was only about 15 minutes further up the road - I hadn’t known!  Randy was really surprised at how big it is. We got out and went down to the water, but it was kind of an overcast cold day, so we didn’t stay too long.
Bear Lake

Bear Lake

We had enough time to rest for about one hour before we grabbed dinner and then went to see the movie “Maleficent”.
It was pretty good, although the story is changed a bit from the fairy tale I remember. When we got back to the hotel we went for a swim in their pool. The hot tub was too hot for me to go in past my knees, but the regular pool water was really warm, so we swam for about a half hour.

Finally, on Saturday we ate breakfast at the hotel again, and then headed down to the Brigham City Temple. It is really new and absolutely beautiful, but probably closer to the size of the one in Omaha, Nebraska that we used to attend. We did a sealing session, got to sit in the Celestial Room, and then headed down toward Ogden.
Brigham City Temple

In Ogden, we went to the George S Eccles Dinosaur Park. It was free for a few hours on Saturday 10-2 (not sure if that is all the time, or just for that one day). It has a fairly large museum with dinosaur bones, imprints, and a lot of information.
It has a laboratory where you can see scientists working on current projects. There are also a few dinosaurs that are automatron - which was kind of fun, and scary for at least one of the small patrons!
Then they have a large outdoor area with about 30 dinosaur models that are life size and in a natural environment. There is also a playground for kids, duck feeding, panning for gold, digging in sand for bones for kids and places to get food or frozen ice. It was really enjoyable.

From there we went to the Hill Air Force museum. It had a lot of old planes, outfits through the years, a movie, etc. There was enough information on the plaques and murals that you could stay there all day and not read everything. There were 2 great big buildings that housed the old planes, and even more outside. It was pretty awe-inspiring.

Then we headed home, got something to eat and watched a movie before heading to bed. I should mention that through all of this I had a sore throat and head cold, so I wasn’t feeling too well.

I am SO grateful for everything that I have and the opportunities that are before me. What a wonderful place we live and wonderful time to be alive!  Compared to most of the world, we live like kings. Now, if I can just sell my house . . .

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