Karen's Keepers

Karen's Keepers

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

I am SO ready for warmer weather! I mowed the lawn last week and was freezing – even in 2 sweatshirts. The weather has gone up and down on the temperature gauge, but should get warmer each week. The grass is turning green and now my sprinklers are on, the flowers are blooming, I’ve already filled my hummingbird feeder twice, and I’ve started riding my outside bike again.  I am grateful for the extra moisture we’ve received with rain in the valleys and snow in the mountains – but I guess I’m just a California girl at heart: bring on the sun!!!

Randy’s health is continuing to be pretty good. He says he still wants to lose 10 pounds. (don’t we all??!!) His band played a gig last weekend and he’s working on another CD project. He goes to Atlanta for a Safety Conference next month.

Jesse and Amanda closed on their house in Texas at the end of March. Jesse has been working to make it ‘theirs.’ He fixed the fence in the backyard so that their dogs can’t get out. Since they not only have those 2 dogs, but also 2 cats, he has been ripping up the carpet and installing vinyl flooring throughout the house. He has several other projects he plans to do. He will send me ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures when he’s done.

Tyler graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from college. My first child to do so (Heidi has an Associates degree). He has been working on a website for a company and when he’s done with that, he will look for a job. He says there are a lot of jobs out there for someone with a degree in computer graphics since so many people and companies are doing websites nowadays.

Heidi is still a policewoman at the U of U and her shifts as a security officer at the zoo have started up again. She is also doing security police work at a hospital. She has been golfing several times lately and actually took Randy to play for his birthday.

Ingrid and Jeff closed on their house last week and moved on Friday – Jeff’s day off. They had been SO looking forward to it. I’m sure they are eager to have their own space, and Ingrid is so creative that I’m sure she will keep busy for quite awhile making their house a home. Bad news – mice got into their storage unit and she is still finding mice as she goes through boxes in their garage!

Dylan has less than 4 months left on his mission – I’m sure it will go really fast! He says that the Mission President doesn’t really want parents to come and pick up their kids because they are still missionaries until they get released by their Stake President. So, we will not be going back there to get him. We get to talk to him next week on Mother’s Day.

 I have a bunch of projects around here that I am anxious to get going on. I’ll be blogging about them this spring/summer.

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