Karen's Keepers

Karen's Keepers

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

H2O: two parts heart, one part obsession

When we lived in our last house in Nashville, we had an in-ground pool. When we bought the house, it had been unoccupied for a couple of years, and there were dead animals floating in the pool!!
 But after a lot of work by a handyman that we hired, it wasn’t too bad! 

Heidi, Dylan, Ingrid
When we moved to Kansas, the pool was probably the hardest thing for Randy to leave.

So, he has wanted a pool ever since. The area that we live in now is very rocky and it isn’t cost-effective to have an in-ground pool. But with Randy’s neuropathy, we decided that even a small above-ground one was worth the effort. So, he has been working (after his day job) for the past couple of weeks on getting one in our back yard. Here’s a play-by-play through pictures:

We had our kids that live in Utah and their families over for Memorial Day and we had a barbeque with swimming. It was wonderful.

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  1. Actually, I think the handyman did very little work on the pool. I think he removed the 2 X 6s and wire protecting it from kids falling into it and drained it into the street with a roof pump and I did most, if not all of the repainting of the surfaces and got the pump working.