Karen's Keepers

Karen's Keepers

Monday, August 27, 2012

Odds & Ends

The last few days have been kind of busy around here. On Saturday afternoon, there was a baby shower for Laura Parry at my house. She is my niece (married to my sister’s son) and this will be her first child. My sister’s girls were in charge and did the food and decorating. They had a lot of children’s books placed around that they gave Laura when it was all over to start her book collection for her baby. The food matched several of the book titles and was real cute. I guess they got the idea off of Pinterest.

Laura, Audrey, Amelia, Rita, my mom

Audrey, my mom, Eliza
 Dylan has now been on his mission for one year now. It’s hard to believe. His letters are pretty amazing. In every new email from him, I can see the tremendous growth that he has experienced so far. I’ve heard that during the two years that a missionary is serving full-time he experiences 6-7 years of growth, as compared to someone that does not serve a mission for 2 years. I believe it. I handed out postcards in Las Vegas to some of my nephews and nieces, gave one to each of my brothers and sisters, gave one to my mom, gave one (or sent in an envelope in the mail) to each of my other kids and their spouses, and gave some to the young men/leaders in our ward. Hopefully he will receive 20-30 of these postcards this week. The other side says “Happy Hump Day.”

My youngest daughter, Ingrid, has 2 Visla’s (dogs). They had a litter of 7 puppies last year. They got a male and female so that they could breed them, but they don’t want to have litters too close together and they still have to have their hips checked before the puppies can be certified by the AKC. This time, when her female dog was in heat she went down to Topeka and took the male dog – to keep them apart. They accidently got together the night she got back however, and her female dog just had a litter of 6 puppies! They are really cute, but I hope they don’t drive her nuts for the next 2 months until she sells them, since she is expecting a baby of her own at the end of the year.

Saturday morning I went to watch my older daughter, Heidi, run in the dirt and mud. My niece, Eliza, and some woman police officers and their families also ran. The course was 5k and had various obstacles throughout it including climbing walls, tires, mud and bubbles. They were running to support the fight against woman’s breast cancer. This morning she sent me a text showing that she had a huge rash under her arm and down her side a bit. She doesn’t know where it came from. A couple weeks ago she had cellulitis in her leg – she thinks it may have been from a bite.

Tyler started back to school today – he has less than a year until he graduates and he is SO ready. He finished up his internship designing websites, and now has a job that pays for his tuition working for the school newspaper doing layout for the sports section. This will be more good experience to put on a resume – his degree is in graphic arts.
Tyler Photoshopped
 My oldest son, Jesse, was interviewed on a radio show this morning. He has a comedy show coming up in a few weeks and there has been a lot of controversy about a poster that they were using for it. He will be interviewed on television (the Ralph Hipp show) the night before his show. Then in a month he and his wife are moving to Texas.

Randy has not been feeling well off and on for several months. When we were in Colorado and on a walk up to where the kids were rappelling, he had to lie down because he felt so bad. Then when he was packing up after a music gig at the beginning of this month, he felt real bad again and had to sit or lay down. He couldn’t stay even for the first hour in church yesterday because he felt so nauseated, so he went home. He still felt bad this morning, so I drove him to the doctor. We were there for a long time, but finally after having an EKG, it was determined that he had probably had a heart attack recently. A HEART ATTACK!! So, he has to go in and have blood tests tomorrow morning and see a cardiologist on Thursday. 

So, that’s been my life for just the last several days!

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  1. Holy cow - I hope Randy is ok and that they can help prevent any further heart issues. Let me know if we can do anything to help.