Karen's Keepers

Karen's Keepers

Friday, August 31, 2012

Dodged a Bullet

Thanks to everyone that showed concern or wanted to help with Randy's physical health this past week. This is how our week has gone -

On Sunday he felt real nauseated and sick, so he couldn't even stay at church. On Monday he drove into work, but felt so bad that he came back home and I drove him to the doctor. The doctor did an examination, including an EKG. That showed that he had probably had a heart attack sometime in the past. So, he had blood tests done and saw a cardiologist on Thursday.

The cardiologist performed another examination, had more blood tests done, did another EKG, and had him do a stress test. Everything still looked like he may have had a heart attack, so he had him go in this morning for an angiogram.

He was at the hospital downtown before 6am and they did an angiogram where they go up through his artery and look inside his heart. Everything looked good so they didn't have to insert any stents! What a relief. They still have to find out what is going on. His kidneys have a high level of creatinine, so they want him to have ANOTHER blood test and an ultrasound of his kidneys next week. Hopefully they can get this figured out quickly. Thanks again for all your caring thoughts!

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