Karen's Keepers

Karen's Keepers

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring - bring it on!

Aahh. May. I hear everyone complaining about snow the last of April (some places got 6” last night!), but we had snow the first week of May last year (I have pictures to prove it!) so I’m not worried. I AM ready for warmer weather, but I know it’s just around the corner. My flower bed is starting to fill up with daffodills and tulips and the grass is turning green. I have planted tomatoe plants and I have seeds for several other varieties of vegetables. I recovered the outside chairs a few weeks ago because the old material was completely rotten and ripping. I looked at buying some new cushions, but everything I saw were real ugly and very expensive. Today I bought a new bathing suit since all of my old ones had no elastic left. And my 2 classes will be over in a little over a week and I’ll have a couple of weeks off from school. Except for a sore throat that won’t go away and a knee that is giving me major trouble - I am feeling good!

Randy has not had any relief from his Meniere’s symptoms even though his ear is completely healed. We’re really hating the fact that the surgery doesn’t seemed to have worked for him. Now he has attacks with no warning. We celebrated his birthday and we got to watch General Conference that same weekend. It was great. I always look forward to receiving the May Ensign magazine so that I can review all the talks.

Probably the most exciting news this last month is that I am now officially a grandmother. Ingrid texted us on Friday, April 8 that she was at the hospital because her water had broken. This was 5 weeks before her due date. She had Kalvin Lee Harris within a few hours – he’s a real cutie, weighed 6 lb 3 oz and was 19” long. He had to have oxygen for the first day because he got some amniotic fluid in one of his lungs. He had an IV and a feeding tube in his nose for several days, also. Randy, Dylan and I drove down there the day after he was born and stayed until Wednesday. They were supposed to be moving that weekend and Jeff had moved the big stuff (with help from the Elders Quorum at church), but we made quite a few trips with whatever would fit in my Blazer. Ingrid came home from the hospital after 2 days, but Kalvin had to stay there for 9 days. They wanted to make sure he was stable and gaining weight. She’s had him home now for almost 2 weeks and he’s doing great. She seems to be thriving on motherhood.

Dylan has all his papers in and has had all his interviews for his mission. Now we just have to wait for the call. He received the Melchizedek Priesthood last week on Easter. Janna (Randy’s sister – the one that almost died) and most of her family were up from Texas for her daughter-in-laws graduation from BYU, so they got to join us for that. Marty and Alex Little joined Randy, Tyler, our Bishop and a few others in ordaining him as an elder. The only lasting effect from all of Janna’s trauma last month is a hoarse voice because they damaged her vocal chords a bit when they were sticking tubes down her throat so fast.

There were some devasting tornadoes that went through the south a few days ago. Hundreds of people were killed and some towns were completely wiped out. As far as I know, no one that we are aquainted with has been affected, but there was a lady from one of the towns by the name of Karen Mundy on the news!

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  1. Cute baby Grandma! I forgot to ask about that when we were there yesterday. Too short of a trip to chat.