Karen's Keepers

Karen's Keepers

Friday, April 1, 2011

March came in like a lamb, and went out like a …....lamb...… (who’s complaining?)

This is what it looked like in the middle of last month. But today the sun is shining and it's expected to get to 70 degrees this weekend!

We are celebrating Randy’s 59th birthday a day early since this is when Tyler and Heidi can join us. I cannot believe I am married to someone that age! Last month he had to make a trip to Colorado to recertify in one of his safety categories. He drove instead of flying because the altitude wouldn’t be good for his post-surgery healing. He felt pretty bad most the time he was there, but got to stay with Ingrid and Jeff and visit with them. He went in for his 2 week check up after his surgery. The doctor said everything was healing well. However, a few days before his 1 month mark, he had a Meniere’s episode in the middle of the night. He has now gone longer than any of the doctors other patients without seeing a dramatic improvement and has been put on more steroids to try to reduce any swelling that might be remaining. The saga continues…

Mom has seen her regular doctor, had her ears cleaned at the audiologist and has had a physical therapist, occupational therapist and home health care nurse visiting here almost every day. They are all through now, and she has regained all of her strength back that she had a few months ago. She doesn’t anticipate getting any stronger than that, but hopefully she can maintain.

Dylan went to St. George for a few days with several friends. They did a lot of hiking in the mountains and he got a lot of exercise. Then, after coming home he turned around and went back to Las Vegas for a concert. He was only gone 24 hours this time, so he was exhausted when he got home, but he had a good time. He has finished his papers for his mission and sent them in. Once they are all checked and approved, he will have his interviews with the Bishop and Stake President – then we wait another 3 weeks for his call. He has had his interview with the Bishop to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood and should have one soon with the Stake President also. (he actually has a 'Jedi' braid that you can't see in this picture - he will cut it before he enters the MTC!)

Jesse quit his hotel job because they weren’t being straight with him. He is still doing some waiter work, but hopes to do some roofing this summer with his uncle and cousin. He and Amanda are planning a wedding for sometime this summer and then they are planning a move to Austin, Texas in October. They hope to have a reception in Utah for all the family that lives here.

Our dog, Brisco, had always been with his mother and brother since birth, consequently I became his new surrogate mom. When I had to go somewhere and couldn’t take him with me, he would either cry forever in his kennel or cry and tear at the shades in the office window if I left him out. When Randy had gotten him, his owner had said that she was trying to get rid of his brother, also, but she didn’t know who would take him since he had a heart murmur. Well, Randy went back and got him – we have named him Bowler. (Brisco County, Jr. had a sidekick named Lord Bowler) I took him to get him groomed after we had had him for a few days – Randy wanted to be able to see his eyes! Within a few weeks he had also gotten the rest of his puppy shots, rabies shot, and gotten neutered. The vet that put him under anesthesia was worried about his heart murmur and also said he had a “galloping” heart. But, he survived. I hope they keep each other company.

I finished our taxes by March 15 and we get a refund from the state so I e-filed that one. However, I will wait a month to e-file our federal taxes since we have to PAY on them – Yuk.

My classes started up again on March 16. I am taking two classes this time- Business Ethics and Strategic Marketing. I have a lot of projects in one class, and a big paper in the other. It looks like I won’t be doing much else for a couple of months! I will be enjoying the weather as much as I can, though!

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  1. I was so hoping Randy's surgery would be an instant cure. Keep us posted on that. What a handsome boy and what cute dogs. I need to plant some flowers. I don't because I am afraid I'll kill them in this heat but I love to look at them. We are coming up there on May 6th for Jacob's graduation. Have any birthday plans?