Karen's Keepers

Karen's Keepers

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Let me just say that I am SO glad that it is June and that I don’t have to wear a coat outside every time I go somewhere! The temperatures are still a bit lower than normal, but at least they are bearable.

Last month was my birthday month, along with Mother‘s Day. We don’t usually have a very big celebration for either. My kids came over for cake and gave me wonderful gifts for my birthday, and Mother’s Day was also a nice get-together, although Heidi had to work so she couldn’t be here. ‘Family’ is definitely where it is at! We went to a restaurant called Archibald’s for my birthday dinner (mine was free – YEA) and we really liked it. I guess Archibald Gardner came to the Salt Lake valley the first year that the saints came here and he eventually had a bunch of flour mills. This restaurant is built in one of the old silos from one of his mills and has pictures of all of his eleven wives – one at each booth. Anyway, the food was great.

Randy’s blues band played for a stake in Lehi for a benefit concert – everyone that attended brought food for a shelter. It was nice. Randy has been back to the Dr. trying to figure out what is going on with the prickliness in his feet. He saw another specialist that put him on a different medication. It seems to help somewhat and he can get some sleep, but he wakes up feeling real woozy – if that’s a word! He was in Houston for a few days for work and he didn’t take the medication with him – so he didn’t get much sleep. I guess it’s a trade-off.

For Memorial Weekend we got to go away for a mini-family vacation. My sister Becky and her husband Dave were coming up from Las Vegas so that Dave could help his brother put a roof on his house. So, they stayed at our house with my mom and sister, and we got to take off for a day. Tyler and Dylan joined us – Heidi had to work. We drove up into Logan Canyon and stayed at the Beaver Creek Lodge. It’s a pretty simple place – clean and rustic. It was overcast, but dry, on Friday night. While we were eating breakfast on Saturday morning it started raining, and then it turned to snow. After we ate, we rode horses for about one hour in light snow flurries. Tyler didn’t have a coat and Dylan had just brought a windbreaker. I let Tyler wear my hoodie, and they layered up their clothing – including Dylan wearing a blanket on his head and shoulders. I used a snowsuit that they use at the lodge for snowboarding during the winter. After the horseback riding, we drove down the canyon to Logan and ate some lunch. We drove by the Logan Temple, but didn't go inside.

We were going to hike up to a cave, but it was raining pretty hard by then. We decided to just drive back to Salt Lake and went to see the movie “Prince of Persia, Sands of Time” - it was great. It was a fun get-away for just one day. Saturday night I attended a reception for the son of a friend from Topeka – Randy stayed home because he was sick. It was nice to visit with them. Randy and I have both had colds and sore throats, and being out in the cold weather on Saturday has just made us feel worse.

On Memorial Day Randy put some of the posts in the ground for our fence. We’re finishing it off on the east side of the house and east side of the back yard. Heidi came over for a barbeque that evening and she helped put some of the slats in. He’s going to work on it some more tonight.

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  1. The one day you get to get away and it is lousy weather and makes you more sick. Not fair!