Karen's Keepers

Karen's Keepers

Saturday, May 2, 2009

April showers bring May flowers...

We all seem to be doing well NOW - we had major sickness earlier in the week, however. Dylan came down with the stomach flu Saturday night (he was on a date for MORP) and lost 9 pounds the first 24 hours! (we're talking coming out both ends - sorry) Connie and I came down with it on Monday night and we each stayed in bed the next few days (except for when I went to teach Seminary!). I was kind of grossed out that I only lost 1 or 2 pounds, but I'm glad I only threw up twice. Dylan was feeling better by Friday, but still having some symptoms.

Randy missed the flu bug and his ears (Meniere's disease) have not been giving him any trouble for the last couple weeks - so that is good news. We celebrated his birthday on April 5, General Conference Sunday. He is going to Philadelphia in a month for a safety conference for work.

I finished my '10-day', teaching seminary last Tuesday. For the most part, it went well. I taught a class with 32 kids. I was sick the last couple of days and just wanted to be done! The head of seminaries in Salt Lake loved my class and is ready to sign me up right away. His assistant, my Institute teacher, seems a lot more hesitant and kept telling me "You know, we don't necessarily hire all the good teachers". I meet with him this next Monday morning to go over the evaluations from the students in the class, but if it were up to him, I don't think they would hire me. I'm not sure why...

We haven't heard from Jesse lately, so I don't know what's new with him. Tyler is through with this semester, and looking forward to taking more classes next semester. He is going to California some time this month, I think. Heidi is SO excited to have her credit card bills all paid and her hospital bill shouldn't take more than a month or 2 to pay off. She was looking forward to moving out, but may stay a little longer and actually buy a house rather than rent - she's not sure. She is going to Louisiana in a week and a half to visit one of her best friend's from high school that lives there now. She's going to be on a softball team at work and may also look into some kind of Frisbee league. Ingrid and Jeff will be here this next week. Jeff's best friend is getting married, so they will attend that and it'll be fun to see them. I think they are planning on having an Open House next month - and if so, we will try to go down to Colorado for that. Dylan has only about a month left of school before he graduates. He's through with tennis and only has a day or so left of volleyball. He would like to visit friends in Kansas next month and wants to join an Ultimate Frisbee team this summer. We are just hoping he can find a job! We had to postpone his ortho appointment because of tennis, so he still has bottom braces.

Mom got her hearing aids back and it is so much better for her. I did end up taking her in to the audiologist to get her ear canals cleaned since one of her hearing aids seemed to be doing a lot of feeding-back. It's much better now. She thought she had a kidney/bladder infection, so we took her to a lab for tests. They've got her on an antibiotic and extra potassium now. She said it was better at first, but is bad again, so I will call the doctor on Monday. They want her to have more lab work done, anyway, so we'll see what we need to do. Connie is doing better after having the stomach flu and is back at work. She had to postpone her dental work since she was sick, so we will take care of that in a couple of weeks. The results of her mammogram and ultrasound are negative, they just want to keep an eye on it.

I can't think of anything else. I hope everyone has a great Mother's Day! Happy Birthday to Becky Preece, Audrey, Jeff, Courtney, Broderick and Whitney!

Love, Karen

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  1. I'd hire you....and it was absolutely wonderful spending time with the fam last week! love you!