Karen's Keepers

Karen's Keepers

Saturday, April 11, 2009

OK - I've joined the blog craze...

So, I've decided that posting my Newsletter each month will be simpler if I just put it on a blog and anyone can go to it, if they want. That way, I still write one for my future personal history (that I will write some day when I'm old!), but I don't have to post it on the Family website, or send it out on email.

Randy is finally finished with the musical that he was in. That took alot of time. Hopefully I can get him to use even half his free time now on productive stuff around the house! He helped me get the pond and waterfall going, got the lawnmower tuned up, is cleaning up the music room, and he's re-caulking our shower today. I love spring! We are going to see David Wayt in a high school play (I think his daughter is in it) tonight called "Children of Eden". Dave plays God. We went to the Draper temple dedication a few weeks ago. Since it is a temple where you have to make appointments, we haven't been able to attend there yet.

Since I am a ward missionary, we have been teaching a lady in our ward for the last month. She actually got baptized when she was 8 years old, but was only active for a year or so, and doesn't really know anything about the church. She wasn't even sure if we were Christians! Her daughter has been attending our ward's young women's and wants to get baptized, so this lady decided she should find out about the Church. It has been a good experience for me, since I never went on a full-time mission. I am starting my 10-day teaching experience for seminary this Wednesday at the middle school down the hill. I will find out by the end of May if they want me to do student teaching next year or not.

Riverton, Herriman and Bluffdale are involved in a trial emergency neighborhood plan. Randy and I are block captains for 6 houses at this end of our street. They had a mock drill a few weeks ago. They will get more intense every 6 months, until FEMA will actually come and watch it in a year and a half. This will be a model for the whole country if all goes well.

Jesse is still working at the bar-b-que restaurant in Topeka. Randy got to visit with him when he was in Topeka on business last month. Jesse wants to marry his girlfriend, Amanda, but she insists that he get his debts paid off first - smart girl! Tyler is finishing up this semester at UVU and plans on taking more classes next semester and only working part-time. He's seeing a girl that he's known for several years. Heidi will be finishing up her night shift by the middle of May and starts working days again. She is really looking forward to that! She has started running again to get ready for the 5K run that she's doing next month. Ingrid has a full-time job now at a day care that is owned by someone in her ward. She says she is really enjoying it. She drove over to Topeka last month to visit friends while Jeff was on one of his runs to Texas, and had to drive back in a horrible ice/snow storm. Dylan got his top braces off last week and will get the bottom ones off in a couple of weeks. He is #1 on the Riverton tennis team, and therefore has had some really tough opponents at matches. He is also playing volleyball on his school's team. He decided not to do track.

Mom is anxiously awaiting the return of her hearing aids! She's been without them for 1 1/2 weeks. They told me it would take 2 weeks to get them fixed, so we're hoping they're ready by Tuesday. She will be SO glad to be able to hear everyone again! I took her to see her regular doctor last Tuesday, and everything seems to be fine, although he did change the prescription on her blood pressure medication slightly. I also took Connie to the dentist. She has to go back to him in 3 weeks and have a filling or rootcanal done. Connie has made friends with another lady in the ward and went to visit with her a couple weeks ago. She wasn't available this last Tuesday, but hopefully she can go over there next Tuesday afternoon. She has a mammogram and ultrasound in the morning.

Well, I guess that's it for now. Everyone have a wonderful Easter tomorrow! I love celebrating the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ! Happy Birthday to Logan, Randy, Daniel, Nicole, Janette and Chloe! Tomorrow is not only Easter, it would have been dad's (Grandpa Preece's) 90th birthday!!

Love, Karen


  1. It would have been his 90th birthday! Wow unless Mom married someone more than 10 years younger. What a hussy.

    I played tennis for the first time in 30??? years yesterday with Michael. We really had fun but boy am I sore today.

  2. Mom told me of that mistake also - I fixed it. Sore is good -