Karen's Keepers

Karen's Keepers

Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Brief Update on Family

Randy – He has been walking about 4 or 5 times a week for exercise ever since he had all his health problems a year ago. He sometimes would walk for an hour and a half at a time. I’m not sure if all this walking contributed to his knee problems, but it has been bothering him for several weeks now. Last Friday while he was walking from one job site to another on the BYU campus, the pain got so bad that he had to stop right where he was and get some of the roofers to help him back to his truck. He went straight to the doctor’s office (he could drive since it is his left knee) and they could not determine anything from an xray, so he had to have an MRI done on that knee yesterday. He has been using my crutches to get around. Hopefully, they will find out what needs to be done soon.

Jesse – He got a promotion at work. He works at a theater where they bring you food. He used to be a runner, but now is a regular waiter. He is also the MC for comedy shows at one venue every week. This has enabled him to get to know a lot of the comics in town. He and his wife, Amanda, continue to do work on their house. We will see them in 3 weeks when they come here to see Dylan when he gets back from his mission.

Tyler – He graduated from UVU in computer graphics in May. He has been able to do some free-lance work lately and now he has a regular job in that field that he will start on Monday. He has decided to stay in the rental house where he is for now, and put money away to go towards a house purchase in the future.
(photo-shopped picture from Mother's Day)

Heidi – She hurt her ankle at work a couple of months ago. She was trying to break up some fighting at graduation, and a couple of large Samoans fell on her ankle. It was not broken, but had a really bad sprain and some torn ligaments. She has had to use crutches or a rolling cart, and do physical therapy. But, she has now been released to go back to regular work. She is so glad – she was getting really tired of doing just desk work.

Ingrid – She has been on a no-junk or no processed foods diet this past month and has lost 20 lbs! Pretty exciting. It is not easy to take off pregnancy weight – especially when you are still nursing.  Both Kalvin and their dog Rusty had to have surgery this past month, so it has been especially busy for her. Talynn is crawling and trying to walk. Their female Visla is expecting a litter of puppies any day now, so things will really get hopping around their house! Jeff has had to miss church most Sundays because of work, but he hopes to get his side business of making car speaker cabinets going soon and turn it into his full-time work. 

Dylan – We are pretty excited that he will be home from his 2 year mission in just 3 weeks! He has mentioned how changed he is, and it will be fun to see. I have heard it said that during the 2 years that a missionary is gone and serving others, they mature about 5 or 6 years mentally (and spiritually). He will not go to school until January, but will be looking for a job right away.

And Me – I’m just trying not to have a break-down!!

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  1. Thanks. Good to hear how everyone is doing.