Karen's Keepers

Karen's Keepers

Monday, October 31, 2011

Here comes November...!

Well, I continue to be amazed at our incredible weather. I am loving it!! Ends tomorrow, though…

General Conference was the first weekend of October. It was great, as usual. I got to watch all the sessions and I even watched the Priesthood session online after-the-fact. Our November Ensign should be here sometime by the next week and I’ll get to read all of the talks, plus I also get the CD’s so that I can listen to them in the car. Those usually come in a month or so. I am in awe that I live at a time when the words of our modern prophets are so available.

We also had our Stale Conference this last month. On the Saturday evening where adults are invited, the Stake Presidency and all of their wives spoke. That was nice. Then on Sunday morning, it was actually a Regional Stake Conference, so it was broadcast from the Conference Center downtown. We got to hear the General Presidents of the Young Men (David L. Beck) and Young Women (Elaine S. Dalton), a member of the seventy (Craig C. Christensen), and the main speaker was the Apostle David L. Bednar. It was also a really good meeting.

We had the Primary Sacrament Meeting program last month. All of the kids did a great job on their parts, and they sang their hearts out. I have found a few tricks during Primary that gets them to really sing. I have an assortment of silly hats and I bring one every so often. The class that sings the loudest, or the best, gets to have their teacher wear the hat during the next song. I am amazed at how well they do just to see their teacher look ridiculous. The older Primary kids are very competitive. If I have a reward for the half of the room that sings best/loudest they will sing real well, so I try to come up with new ways of doing that. It is wearing me out, but I love to hear them sing!

Jesse and Amanda went on a cruise in the Mediterranean that they really enjoyed. Tyler came over and helped Randy put in storm doors on the French doors off the dining room. (Randy had previously put a storm door on the front door.) Heidi ran in a half marathon for the first time and did real well even though the farthest she had ever run in training was 5 miles. Ingrid and Jeff dressed up as gypsies for a Halloween party with Kalvin as their monkey. And Dylan’s letters from the mission field sound as if he continues doing well and enjoying his service. This picture is from a Zone Conference that he attended. He is the second from the right.

Monday night was Halloween and we had lots of trick-or-treaters come bynot as many as in years past though. Connie handed out the candy again this year. So (big breath) – holidays, here we come…!

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