Karen's Keepers

Karen's Keepers

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sunshine - at last!

I’ve been doing lots of weeding and working in the yard this month – and it feels good to be outside working in the dirt and feeling the sun! I’ve been taking care of our yard, but I also weeded another family’s yard for a couple of hours (for service), and I weeded for 3 hours at the temple this week.

We celebrated Tyler’s birthday, honored Randy on Father’s Day, called Jesse on his birthday, and celebrated 32 years of marriage! Dylan got his last booster shot, obtained a copy of his driving record to send to the mission president in Cleveland, and has had half of his temple preparation lessons. We also received a letter telling us that we need to send money for a bike, helmet and lock. He has been working at the zoo showing buses where to park, driving/riding the train, and working at the carousel and front gate.

At the beginning of the month Randy took a trip to Boston for a safety meeting. He got to go around and see a lot of historical places and really enjoyed that. He felt alright during that trip until the last day. He has really had more Meniere’s attacks since the operation on his ear, than he was having before. He even had 4 episodes in one week! One day I drove him to the surgeons and he got a shot in his eardrum – it was also supposed to help, but didn’t seem to do anything.

I only have 2 weeks left in the two classes that I’m enrolled in right now. One of them is Strategic Management and Business Policy which is not too bad, but the other one is on Research Methods and it’s a killer! I cannot wait until it is over!

This July 4 weekend Randy, Tyler, Dylan and I are going down to Colorado for Kalvin’s baby blessing. It’ll be great to see them and will be a nice little getaway. Heidi is running in a mud race – I hate to miss it, but I’m sure she’ll have fun. Their team is called Guns ‘n’ Garters.

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