Karen's Keepers

Karen's Keepers

Saturday, January 1, 2011

♪ ...and a partidge in a pear tree. ♪

For Christmas Jesse sent us all a little cash and gave us an assignment, or "mission - if we chose to accept it". We were to buy something with the money, take a picture of unwrapping it, a picture close-up of what it is exactly, and then one last picture of how it turned out.

Randy says "Just what I've always wanted - Noise Canceling Headphones!!"

I got hair products and cleaning supplies. They may not seem to go together, but Dang! I look good while I'm cleaning my stove! :o)

Tyler was so excited to get mma gloves. I feel bad for him, though. I'm not sure he knows exactly what they are for... although he does seem to be dreaming about them. Maybe this is part of his workout.

Heidi got a jewelry box. I'm afraid she may be too tired to enjoy it, though.

Ingrid said: As you can see there is a sweater and a striped long sleeved shirt which are very nice because they fit over my ever growing belly. But the special part of my gift is the water bottle. It has been wonderful considering I can never quench my thirst......and it was even more wonderful when I overdid it with the water (letting it skip my mind that I no longer have the bladder control I had say 5 months ago....)

Dylan got a Mr T chia pet, but when he watered it- his own hair turned red and his face got all swollen. Go figure.

What did you get, Jesse?

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