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Karen's Keepers

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Summer Activities Galore!

Here we are at the end of the summer! It seems to go faster every year. Last month Randy flew back to Topeka for his brother’s baptism. He said it was a really spiritual meeting and it was good to see his family again. Here's a picture of Dan and his daughter, Shiloh, who lives here in SLC.
Jesse got a job serving lunch at another restaurant. He’s still looking for something to do in the evenings. Randy got to visit with him when he was in Topeka. Tyler went river rafting with his roommate, Luke, and had fun, but was extremely tired because of all the unexpected events in their adventure. They went dressed as Indians – need I say more?
He has spent this last week moving into a new place. Heidi has been able to return to work now that her thumb is mostly healed. It still hurts sometimes, depending on what she has to use it for. She is looking for a house to buy before the end of November so that she can take advantage of the government’s $8000 incentive. Ingrid and Jeff got to come up to visit and attend the family reunion.

It was wonderful to see them – I wish they lived closer. Jeff’s back is really bothering him, so he’d gotten it checked out and will probably have surgery soon. Sitting in a truck for long hours only exasperates the problem. Dylan enjoyed the Utah trek in Wyoming, but not as much as the one in Kansas. They didn’t have any rain and it was extremely hot. One night they slept among the cow pies –YUK. He was asked to give a 5 minute talk on a gospel principle that he learned there, and he spoke on service and did a great job.

I got to see my friend from Nashville, Lisa Larsson, a few weeks back. Her family was in our branch the last 3 years before we moved to Kansas. Her husband is from Sweden, and that is where they live now. They are going to the temple next month to be sealed as a family – I’m so excited for her!

Connie earned a free dinner at Tucano’s restaurant because she tutored some associates at work (from Africa and the Philippines) in English. So, Randy and I took her there for dinner a few weeks back. It was yummy!

I went on a “fieldtrip” to the Church Welfare Square and the Humanitarian Center in Salt Lake. I went with my missionary partner Jill, Natalie- the lady from the ward that we are teaching, and Esther- from the ward that is her good friend. (Esther also happens to be the granddaughter of Rhea and Eldon Gale from the ward we grew up in). It was wonderful to see how the Church blesses the lives of so many people throughout the world.

Dylan and Randy got to supervise parking at the new temple for the Open House a few weeks ago. Then they went through the temple for the Open House. I got to serve again last Friday – this time in Hospitality, serving cookies and bottled water. The gentleman that was in charge of our group (Bro. Wayne, I think) told us a few interesting stories. First, he talked about the day that lightening struck (the last time I was serving). He said that the Angel Moroni is supposed to be a lightning rod (see last month’s picture) and that there is metal going all the way from his head down into the basement of the temple. This statue saved many lives that day, because otherwise anyone in the temple touching metal (stairway railings, for example) probably would have gotten zapped. On August 10 they will have 2 cranes there – one to take the old Angel Moroni down, and one to put a new one up (it is not quite finished, but should be by that date). The old one will have to be refurbished (he said there is really quite a lot of damage to it) and then will end up on another temple somewhere in the world. Another story he told was about a group of Hindu’s that went through a few weeks ago. They were at Temple Square in Salt Lake and were very disappointed that they could not go into that temple. They were told that they could tour the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, however. So, arrangements were made even though all the tours were full. They were taken into the General Authorities room instead of an outdoor tent to see the 10 minute temple movie at the beginning of the tour. They were visibly moved and some had tears in their eyes. He led them through the various rooms and had to explain some of it to them, although they understood a lot. When they got to the Celestial Room, he told them that this is God’s Living Room and he just allowed them to meditate there for awhile. Then he showed them one of the sealing rooms just off the Celestial Room and he said that not one of them had a dry eye. The head Hindu asked him to explain about forever families and then Bro. Wayne promised to have the missionaries visit him. He received an email the next day asking if he had made a request for missionaries yet because the Hindu was so anxious, said it was the most spiritual experience he had ever had, and he was excited that he had been able to experience it with his whole family. Bro. Wayne also told about the head Catholic bishop in this area going through and being so impressed that he has had most of the Catholic leaders from Utah go through it now. We’re excited to attend the dedication of the Oquirrh Mountain temple at the end of this month.

We had our extended Otis Preece family reunion last weekend. Thursday night there was a dinner at my cousin Pat’s house and a great-great-great-grandson of Joseph Smith and his wife were speakers. It was very interesting and we received a free book about Emma Smith from a name drawing, and then purchased the DVD “Emma Smith – My Story”. My mother actually got to attend that evening and I think she had an enjoyable time seeing everyone, although she had a hard time hearing. Then there was another adult dinner on Friday night with a slide show of pictures from everyone’s lives – aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.

On Saturday there was an all-day picnic at
my cousin’s house again. There was food, volleyball, tennis, swimming pool, etc.

We didn’t get there until after lunchtime, but we stayed for several hours. It was a lot of fun. Dylan had his friend, Ashton, with him and they played tennis against each other and also played doubles with a few of my cousins. They did some pretty crazy dives into the pool.
The most exciting thing to happen lately is that we have put sprinklers in! When I say we, I mean mostly Randy. It has taken us over 2 weeks and we have had a little help from some guys in the ward, but Randy has done the majority of the work. Tyler came over one Saturday and helped Randy dig trenches with a trench-digger.
We had to dig them by hand (using shovels, of course!) when the trench was within 2 feet of any gas lines or underground cable, which seemed to be everywhere. Dylan also helped some and they are finally in.
We still need to finish filling up some of the trenches with dirt and planting new grass seed in the back. I am SO looking forward to not having to drag the sprinklers around the yard for a couple hours each day.

Finally - my tomato plants are growing like crazy! I will need to start doing some canning next week.
Well, I guess that’s all for now. Happy Birthday to Jerry, Heidi, Richie, Wendy, Dustin and Lex!! We’re excited to hear Richie talk the last week of this month after he comes home from his 2-year mission in Oklahoma.

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